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server coonection dropped no update

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  • server coonection dropped no update

    November 21 9:15 am MST awoke to game version has been updated. went to daily loot checked in about and once again I have no update. last update I received was November 8 I keep being told the game for me is working. yet I went all most five months before I received the November 8 update. am I going to wait 5 more months for a working update. the answer to that is NO. I spend on average 1000 Canadian on this game a month. they can ill afford to lose people such as me but they will. unless I receive a working update and my game is fixed it has become completely pointless in playing a game that does not work let alone pay to do so. so I suggest someone take my issue seriously and investigate completely why this keeps happening or a big FU too reality squared games and gtarcade

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    Hello. If you have any problem to signal or something is not going right with your account or you are experiencing issues while playing the game, please make a proper report following the steps for that. Give your details - IGN, server name and number, mention what those issues are, add screenshots to document that. Once you give these details we can report what it is to be reported and it can be checked and solved. Waiting for you to do it so that we can help you.
    Again you chose the wrong section of the forum for posting your feedback, rantings and opinions. Spamming continuously and using this "sweet" language will bring you nothing more than a closing of the thread as not being proper and posted where it has to be. Thank you.

    EDIT: Please, check your forum PM. Thank you.

    EDIT: You keep saying update is not received or implemented. If you refer to the announcement/notice which should be in game about any update via About in Daily Loot, things are the same for all of us, it is not only you not receiving that notice. Still, that is just a notice about the update being implemented, it doesn't interfere with nor it affects your game. It has been last checked after update today and everything is there: the Cherubstone improvement, the new angel in Angel, the new mount in Mount, the new fairy in Fairy and the new sylph in DR Sylph Hall (all of them, they are there). In case they do not appear for your char, please provide the needed details about your IGN and server, the corresponding screenshots (uncropped and unedited) and issue will be reported to be checked and fixed.
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    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.