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    I did the requirement of 2k diamond recharge in the Love Story valentine exchange and it only allowed me to exchange it one time which clearly says you can exchange 3x's. So since its the weekend and event will be over thanks for another fuqed up event. Clearly this company has issues with their programming department.
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    You miss screenshot which shows that you had enough items(Cupid Heart and Arrows) for exchange.


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      I had the hearts and arrows. but i will supply the SS for you. keep in mind that this is a new day and i havent collected anything from hot events yet so the total is from yesterday. the only way to get hearts is to consume which the last SS shows i havent done today.
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        It did the same thing to me again today single recharge of 2K diamonds and wont let me swap it the three times it allows. So i guess they want you to recharge 3 x's for 2k diamonds. They can suk it if they cant get their events right. worst game i've ever played with so many problems. and no i'm not giving you any more SS for this fuqed up game!


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          You have to complete the entire block of instructions each time you want to participate. The instructions are to single recharge 2,000 diamonds, and then you can swap. You can do this 3 times per day - single recharge and then swap.
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