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Devs need to compensate for actual losses due to roll back - compensation insufficent

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  • Devs need to compensate for actual losses due to roll back - compensation insufficent

    Compensation not even close to losses suffered - maybe if you were a brand new account... but even then...

    They need to seriously think about recovering losses to peoples accounts

    Who approved a roll back of such a magnitude 15 hours in to day 2 of a cross server tycoon? seriously?

    The bug could not have effected as many people as the roll back did? obviously the bug was going to lead to potential losses to the devs if the few cashes who exploited it got away with it instead of paying - they should have been punished not the rest of us that have to work damn hard at the game for small returns!!

    I HAD COMPLETED ALL for the day - collected all events used all resources - spent all diamonds, and bet on champion showdown.

    I fall asleep waiting for the roll back to end - woke just before reset to see ALL progress removed but consumed items not returned!!

    compensation x 20 would barely even come close to what was lost - and that does not even include time wasted. The resources given in compensation where not even relevant to tycoon points or those lost due to the roll back!!

    I lost an entire days work on 3 accounts - 400k points - huge amount of resources - had to eventually go to sleep waiting for roll back woke - to find ALL work undone and no time to recollect so all resources + time + effort x 3 accounts + Lord sky amulet from angels + 2 x lvl9 angel combo essence + all bets on champ + resulting 300 dia a day reward from tyc all taken away - replaced with a mount I already have - 1/3 to 1/4 of the diamonds I had gained and some useless resources compared to those spent without regaining / or any points accrued for tyc - an entire day wasted x 3 accounts with a slap in the face compensation

    Will not be happy with less than 4k diamonds returned Lord skys / garuda's amulet and a useful mount instead such as sly bat. oh and my missing lvl9 combo essenses, the 80 mystic divine stones, the tyc certificate I had earned and the gold arma chest

    all event "regain" resources also credited to my account - my lost 400k points in tycoon.... the points for doing 100x and 50x and 50x in angel party as well - all gone... plus won resources from doing said spins

    the list goes on - this roll back during a cs tyc was just stupid - who approved such a thing? the timing could not have been worse nor the impact only to those who due to their time zone actually had finished all for the day and where asleep during the roll back so had zero chance to recover the wasted effort!!!
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    Good morning. Please post about your losses in the thread created specifically for this. Here is the link to it: . Thank you.
    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.