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More and more bugs....

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  • More and more bugs....

    It's some days now already that we have bugs with Team Arena, Team Dunquen and COM. Now even Erebus is not working no more.
    Is it no time that you guys going to fix this game ?????
    This is just not normal no more,that this takes so long and we not even get a compensation....
    Please fix all this bugs before R2 lose allot of players ( non free players too).

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    Hello. I can only try a guess and say that you are referring to all the issues which are lately going on on S355, with TD, Arena, server CoM, Erebus - which issues have been constantly reported and pushed there towards team. The last update we got about this is that it would be fixed the next week, when everyone is supposed to be back to work, as in full time (it is already know that they have been locked out and stuck where they were during their vacation and they were not allowed to travel back home or return to work). Please still have a bit of patience there and hopefully things will be back to normal and on the right track.
    REQUIRED INFO: Don't forget to provide your IGN, server name & number and screenshots for the issues & problems experienced. Recharge issues will require your transaction ID. Screenshots provided must be uncropped and timestamped.