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R2 Games servers down again and no official announcements

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  • R2 Games servers down again and no official announcements

    As title says, all servers are down, including the one that I play S39Archangel (IGN :Saggi). AT least You can save our effort and close this 'fake forced help forum provided by You, Devs, Gm's, and etc.). I bet You will provide us , as always LOSY DAMN compensations: 300 Blessed Stones and maybe 1 nectar.How LOW You've become. Not to mention White WOlf main and all evo'sare bugged, IA sometimes Bugged , not hitting , Great Monkey King same. I bet You will tell me file a report...I replay:Why? Didn't You get tired of same tikets from players every day with SAME DAMN issues? Oh , wait, You're not tired when CAsh from recharge comes... I stop play now, I hope this will end soon too.
    Have a great life, or not.

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    No official announcements because there was no downtime yesterday morning.

    If you don't wand to submit proper reports, that's fine. Have fun!
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