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Cross-server War Bugs

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  • pff i got kicked out from cross server
    it was my 3rd win and we had 280 150
    and have 14m cd whats going on?
    lolitta s27
    common not again
    i was winning that match
    that match was won i didnt received nothing + my streak is down f ** this
    next game i lost so 8k honnor lost for this stupid bug
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    S27 Shaitan's Enigma


    • Server No. S107
      IGN : PENDEKar
      Desc. : I have problem to join on Cross-Server and found this. Whats going on ?
      SS :
      Click image for larger version

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ID:	1683616Server NO. :107 trail of vines
          Short Description:cant collect my prize
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          • Server NO. : S107
            IGN: Larissa
            Short Description: I can't claim prize cross server
            Click image for larger version

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              Bug problem in Cross Server

              cant collect the prize..

              Server:S107 Trail of Vines
              I don't thinkI have a signature.


              • I have reported the cs issue on s107.
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                • I didn't get my reward from 3 victories in a row.

                  I'm absolute sure was 3 in a row cuz I only have done 4. and first I lost. and the event we need win 4 times I have 3/4 info.

                  EDIT: I already got the 3 wins in a row reward with 4 wins in a row.

                  note: I've send IGN and Server name in PM to EdgeLOA.
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                  • Server: S112
                    Character: Cris Tanaid
                    Type: Cross Server
                    Short Description: I don't see the cross server Icon since yesterday.
                    Screenshot:Click image for larger version

Name:	bug.jpg
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ID:	1683816


                    • Server - S107
                      Character - BurnsUrFace
                      Description - Cross server war Que doesn't ever pop.
                      I would love to post the screen shot of the timer at 00:00 (for the third Q in a row) but the file upload manager on this site freezes up when I try to upload the picture to be attached so unfortunately I cant post it. If somebody could tell me the way to post the screen shot that would be great. Its in .jpg format and its under the maximum upload size so idk why it doesn't work.

                      Ive been trying for like three days to get into a cross server battle and the timer sometimes resets back to 25 mins. I have been Q'ing as often as I can and ive spent up to 2hrs in the Q at a time. Three days and I haven't gotten into it even one time. I think this is extremely unfair that it is working for some people on some servers and not for others. IMO this event should be taken down until it works for everyone. I've even heard of people that are low level getting into them with people that are lvl 60 and up. I just don't think its fair that some people are profiting and benefitting from the event while others are either getting scrwed by it or not being able to participate at all. If everyone cant participate then it should be taken down until everyone can
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                      • Crossserver Europe bugged again. No attacking possible.



                        • servers are needed if you are reporting issues. We need to know specifics and we need screenshots.
                          File a ticket
                          for payment issues
                          For issues with DragonPals send email to:

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                          • no one can attack or use special abilities in the CS battle i'm currently in

                            S79 Titanhammer Cage


                            • S29 (EU) - cant attack noone - sorry, no SS
                              Nova Genesis
                              [S6] Corsair - retired
                              [S13] Corsair - retired
                              [S29] Wraith - retired
                              [S37] Psyon - retired
                              [S43] Psyon - retired
                              [S48] Corsair - retired

                              [S28] - retired
                              [S3] - retired

                              League of Angels
                              [S8] [S29] [S43] - retired
                              GTArgade [S335] Siren - retired

                              [S249] [S260] [S271] [S281] - retired

                              [S51] - retired



                              • r2games close all servers repair program and then start real game i have enough and i want my money back which i invest in my char, not much but still you dont respect your customer from beginning and i dont like bones which you sometimes throw to us. We are not so stupid as you thinks. Better ask why are many servers almost empty that we cant finish normal team events etc.
                                And i am realy angry because this error i have from start half time in cs now this happened to all players.
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