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Stil can not enter crosss server

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  • Stil can not enter crosss server

    Why always taking so long for me to get into cross-server while the two charcter i have which supposed three inside,always get into it. But whynnot this always left behind!!

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    what lvl are u?
    S27 Shaitan's Enigma


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      my cs big problem

      hi guys im a player from s204 and since i unlocked cs ive been in it one time cuz cs keeps queieing and queueing for 3hrs -5 hrs and i cant get a match pls tell me what do guys


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        u are like me and posted this too


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          There might not be enough people queuing for mine war in the early levels therefore there might be shortages on battles. My biggest suggestion would be level faster or starting queuing with some of your friends at the same time. it should get better once you reach level 61

          Happy Chinese New Year!