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Angel Evolution Bug, Evolved from 5 star to 5 star

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  • Angel Evolution Bug, Evolved from 5 star to 5 star

    My Nyssa was 5 star, but should now be 6 star.

    Both my Boa and Nyssa were 5 star .. well they still are but both of them shouldn't be.

    I have been evolving my Nyssa for ages, and at over 3500 and a full to nearly overflowing circle, she evolved. I continued happily on with seraph stones wondering why the 6th star didn't appear, only to find that she stayed at only 5 star Mythical and did NOT do what I expected .. evolve into a 6 star Celestial angel. I have spent diamonds, quite a few, to evolve her and figured I was unlucky as it took so long, but really this sucks.

    I have logged in and out, changed from my main Mac to my Laptop, thinking I might need to give it time to come into effect. I feel quite sick about it, and extremely let down/disappointed.

    Yes I am also very cross. I didn't take a screen shot before and after as I didn't think I needed to continually monitor for errors.

    Her BR before this 'evolve' from 5 to 5 stars was 63K, and is now 71K. BUT she is still 5 stars. I demand an explanation. I expected 6 stars not 5 stars twice!

    No wonder people are leaving this game. The disappointments are HUGE and too frequent. This .. in my opinion .. is SERIOUS.

    Character: Imogine
    Server: S92
    Guild: Really
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    Will report this to tech team, will let you know once get back to me.
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      Thanks Edge, I am looking forward to hearing from you.


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        Hopefully sooner than later....


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          4 days and no word?

          How long do you think this will take?


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            lol are u surprised ?
            S25 Stormthrone


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              I have reminded the project team, please be patient.
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                nothing will happen i had similar problem back when they first introduced upgrading angels an couldnt upgrad my angel to 5 star's until all the events for it in hot event were finished an during this time they will tell you they found no bug an its working fine. so don't expect to much help with this error an i hope you get it fixed but i highly doubt you will.


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                  Well, I do hope they acknowledge the problem and rectify it. As it is, I double paid for the first VIP and got no refund. As the Guild Leader, my guild look to me for guidance and at the moment I am seriously considering quitting the server. If it wasn't for the wonderful people there I would. I am not evolving this bugged angel at the moment as it seems futile and a huge waste of resources. As it is she took ages to evolve just to have nothing happen. So very disappointed. I hope you are wrong Hotdog and they do look into this and fix the problem instead of just brushing it under the proverbial carpet.


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                    Oh and thank you Edge for nudging this along.


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                      05-30-2014 08:56 PM
                      Thread: Angel Evolution Bug, Evolved from 5 star to 5 star
                      by Cara_may

                      It is now June 5th, 5:06am .. so 6 days, almost 7 and no answer from the project team?


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                        And now it's over a week. Should I start mass bombing them bug reports?


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                          well, last time had a recharge problem and the support team really fast to fix it, so maybe it took a bit long

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                            Do you remember how many seraph stones/ evolution points it took for you to upgrade? This is much trickier to track down
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                              Yes it was over 3200. Maybe even 3500.

                              The circle was so full, and I was cross with myself as my Boa is also 5 stars and I kept accidentally evolving her ..

                              I am not evolving my Nyssa on S92 because of this bug and I hope they fix it soon. It's my real life birthday today so hopefully a good day for me .. but doubtful. On S103 I am screen shotting my Nyssa's progress daily lol.
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