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no world boss new player reward

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  • no world boss new player reward

    Here are some screen shots that i was in world boss yesterday and tonight. and yet ive not gotten the world boss reward for new player.

    this was day one of world boss which was yesterday 6/7

    this is world boss tonight!!! 6/8

    And no reward doesn't even register that i've done them :/

    IGN: Strawberry - S23

    Sorry if the screen shots are huge. i hope the forum resizes them


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    I have the same problem too. I have one WB mail showing that I completed the event, but it isn't being counted in the panel like in strawberry's last screen shot.

    [S147]Thane of Winter
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      3rd here, and from s96 Robin Archer


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        I have the exact same issue on my toon and she's level 51 or 52 now and done WB countless times and yet I still can't collect. I didn't even get to collect my level 40 bonus until a level or two later when it finally realized I was past 40. All these updates we've had I believe messed it up because I didn't have a problem with the new player rewards on my other server

        Edit: My toons are Ambrosia on s128 Knight's Honor and Steamroller on s40 (Can't remember server name XD)