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I thought there was a forced divorce feature for a reason ????

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  • I thought there was a forced divorce feature for a reason ????

    So here I am being threatened and harassed to "give" away money I spent in game for free. All because the person who begged for a marriage suddenly wants a divorce. Just so she can marry someone else. This of course makes me wonder why there is a forced divorce feature in the game which costs 999 dias. If any GM can willy nilly threaten to ban a person for a period of time as to force a free divorce via absent spouse. If this is how the game is supposed to be run I think I am fully within my rights to demand the 2k dias I spent on the marriage refunded. Or better yet give me my $20.00 back so I can just quit this game and go spend it on a game that would appreciate the money and not threaten paying customers.

    Click image for larger version

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    Mind you the only so called "harassment" I have done was in response to being harassed by being spammed with the divorce request. And or threatened with her quitting the game if i didn't give her the free divorce so she gets the free ring set I bought and paid for. Just because I don't come crying every time someone says boo to me or I get a stick stuck someplace does not mean I am in the wrong. In my personal opinion this is a situation where any proper GM would not get involved without trying to get both sides of the story first. Let alone go around threatening players with banning for no reason whatever. You had the game designed with a forced divorce to be paid for option. That should have been the GMs response to a player crying they want a divorce but they can't get it free. Also my so called "harassment" was simply stating to her if she wants a divorce it costs 999 dias. Shes just mad cause her Real life husband won't let her spend the 10 dollars on the game to get what she wants.

    If you want me to give her a free ring set that I paid for then simply refund my acct the 2k dias that I spent on the marriage and I will happily click agree or send the request myself.

  • AE86
    If someone kept talking to you and annoying you then you turn around and punches him/her, when she/he call the authorities you will get arrested. A threat is a threat doesn't matter what the excuse is. What you should have done is reported him/her right when she spammed you of what you accused her/him of doing. Looking at this now she has the prove and you don't it seems like you are in the wrong and there is no way to prove that she did spam you unless you have the screenshots.

    As for divorcing, no only the player who first bought the ring gets to keep it

    (This is a serious matter so no happy face)

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  • LylithIT
    Not getting into the "you should give divorce or not" if you paid for the ring and you divorce she'll lose it and you'll keep it. Isn't it that way ?

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