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A question for Moderators, Admins, or who ever actualy can ansfer this

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    You are incorrect about there never being an event. There has been a Master of Poker hot event and it was on all servers. Just because you missed something or did not know about it is no reason to be rude.
    Last edited by Correllian; 06-22-2014, 11:37 PM.


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      Originally posted by Correllian View Post
      I don't know exactly where you get the 3 months when HOC has been running every month. And if you don't want to wait there is always spending diamonds and hoping to get lucky
      Yes we get it every month, but I think Jade said what they said because that's the hoarding card lotto vouchers method, that takes 3 months. Not that the event is every three months.
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        yep we need to hoard them, and at last some ppl who actually know what is going on is coming, it's so hard to explain to him.

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          can we ban vast? all I gotta say. btw you can get the heros from hoc without cash it will take time
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