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tidal pool

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  • tidal pool

    what is wrong with my tidal.

    1. after missing out tidal it supposed to give me two attempt on the reset but it doesnt happen.
    2. now reset only one fish available after hitting that fish it is all done?

    what the heck!

  • #2
    I'm not sure what you mean but after the game resets all tidal pool attempts are reset to 0

    Happy Chinese New Year!


    • #3
      no what happened is this.

      1. i forgot to use my first tidal pool after reset. there should accumulated tothe next tidal pool set after team arena. so after arean i used my tidal pool, so i open my tidal pool icon and only one fish is available, i refresh nothing still it says all done you know the long message at the middle.


      • #4
        So what you are saying is you only received 420 tidal points today? Do you have a screenshot?

        Happy Chinese New Year!