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  • Lost Invocation Server

    Hi , I am Temptress from the server Lost Invocations

    I am writing on behalf of the remaining people on the server, in hopes that you listen to our plea.
    We are so low populated now it is hard to get even TA done . We struggle to get team dungeons groups.
    Some quite game due to getting nothing done anymore .. we do not reach 20 people for world bosses anymore .
    Can you please consider merging a server with us or opening recruitment for us, to our server.
    I hope you read and look into this ongoing issue for our poor server, with very good people on it still.

    Yours Truly
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    yes please,
    A merge would be a great benefit to the server.

    thank you


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      I do not wish this post to just be brushed away , please at least read and respond to a VIP subscriber

      Lost Invocations server


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        Yes, something needs to be done to help the Lost Invocation Server. We are losing people because they can't find groups for events. As things stand. We only have 5 guilds registered for Twilight Clash. Having to sit out a round because you have nobody to compete with is rather boring.


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          I can't agree more with my friends above. We are seriously lacking people to attend all the different events like TD and TA mostly. World Boss is starting to get lame cos we aren't a lot anymore and I don't even wanna talk about Twilight Clash or Gauntlet :/ I truly wish you are making your best to help us because they are some very good players if I can say so myself. We'd all appreciate your concern for us in Lost Invocation and I hope, as for me, that things are gonna change really soon.

          Sincerely yours, Floyd the Genius


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            What a waste of time thinking you guys gave a damn about anything but making money ;p
            Disappointing indeed .