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Twilight Clash

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  • Twilight Clash

    This guild event is so bugged it's darn near unplayable.

    1.) After getting a flag even though you're at base, you cannot return flag and the opposite team just see's you as running in place mid field and takes the flag from you.

    2.) None of the atk and speed boost hardly ever work.

    3.) Annoying cross-hair thingy appears when you try to move around.

    4.) people spawning at other teams bases.

    5.) Being attacked by invisible players. (Issue I think stems from the first bug above)

    I've been playing this game for over 2 months now, and NOTHING is being done about this. How hard can it be to fix? It's so similar to CS, and CS works fine most the time.
    Please get the developers to fix this issue, it's game-breaking. Tons of people spend alot of money on this game the least the developers can do is fix this event.

    Thank you

  • #2
    This needs fixed asap, but just keeps getting swept under the rug.


    • #3
      They say its getting worked on when its gonna be done , only god know's lol.
      [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : half of the people went the wrong way
      [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : we merged with idiots


      • #4
        removed twilight put gauntlet instead.... x3 gauntlet would be nice


        • #5
          There are still invisible players crawling around twilight clash. It is really, really frustrating to be attacked them when you can not see or attack them by yourself.


          • #6
            half an year has past and they still " are working on it " i guess
            [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : half of the people went the wrong way
            [Guild] [Genius]Maraminx : we merged with idiots