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Changing Angels or Aegis in Cross Server Events

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  • Changing Angels or Aegis in Cross Server Events

    During TA: Changing angel in the team screen the change doesn't apply. It still shows the angel that was being used previously and it still uses that angel during the battle. Only after leaving the room does the angel change.

    During CS: I changed my aegis to see that the current aegis being used is the one I changed from. (Libra to Sagittarius)
    [S19] Bahold Castle - Solaria Luna - Warrior - Lv75
    [S75] Secret Sanctum - Hunter - Lv38
    League of Angels
    [s147/ua25] Thane of Winter Sorceror - Lv79
    Eternal Saga - Ranger - Retired
    Lunaria Story - Elementalist - Pretty much retired

    That being said character names in games I play is Solariai