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Dungeon Chest collection

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  • Dungeon Chest collection

    After playing this game up to L68 I just discovered the Dungeon Chest prize for completing loop and main quests. But after clicking the chests and getting the COLLECT link there are no prizes.

    A chest appear at nibeling A,B,C and D.

    Do I have to complete Nibeling E also before I can collect?

    sir niilo
    TitanHammercage (S58)

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    the chest on dune was obtained if you finish all 5 dune there. (all dune in one page)

    sometimes they automatically added to your inventory.

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      not sure what you are referring to by "dune." I hope I put this thread in the correct page - League of angels.

      I am sure I would have noticed 4 Shard of ruin prints being added to my inventory automatically. I have competed Nibeling A - D so that is 4 prints, 160 conquest shards and a bunch load of prestige. Nothing so far even when I click COLLECT.

      So is this a bug or do I have to complete ALL Nibeling quests before I can collect from A, B, C, D etc


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        You need to finish ALL the sections of that region of the map (A, B, C, D...etc) before you can claim the reward for the chest.

        Loops are a separate set of chests. Those are Treasure Chests...those get deposited automatically in your inventory.
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