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Angel Inherit problem

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  • Angel Inherit problem

    I had Loralei which was lvl 40 (red, so the upgraded lvl 40) and I used inherit so I could progess further. But when I transferred everything to Marina, Marina suddenly had lvl 30 (the not upgraded one). Is this normal? Because that means I just wasted like a hell lot of dragon cest to buy all those gems. And also a lot of angel tears which I used on Loralei went up in smoke because I suddenly went 10 lvls down.
    so the question is, is this normal? Or is it some bug? And is there some way to return it all to Loralei?

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    Yes, you wasted the dragon chests to upgrade Lorelei to level 40, and also the angels tears. I think many people fell into this trap. Another trap is that you inherited to Marina instead of Boadicea.


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      I wanted to inherit to Boadicea, but I still wasn't the right prestige lvl. But great... Nice trap League of Angels.


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        Alex, after your inherit, does Marina show a 'need 30 LVL 3 Holy Crystals to upgrade' note? If you provide the 30 holy crystals, there is still a possibility that Marina will finish leveling up to 40.

        However, as Stokkolm mentioned, you lost all of the Holy Crystals you used on Loralei.

        Btw, even if you had inherited to Boadicea, Boadicea may be lvl 40, but still orange. The red upgrade will never transfer.

        In summary, inheriting angels is usually a waste of resources, especially once you reach lvl 51 and your other angels can become guardian angels.