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One of My Hero's is Missing All the Elemental She Had!!!

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  • One of My Hero's is Missing All the Elemental She Had!!!

    Yesterday when I was going to do my Elemental Upgrades, I noticed one Hero's Elemental had been totally Cleared out!!!

    Nothing Else was Missing Except the Elemental...this wasn't from an inherit aka "operator error"

    I checked my other Hero's, and found an Unused had the Elemental on Her, but I couldn't Inherit her Back as other Hero was Maxxed...

    Later that Day I tried to Show My Husband and the Elemental was Gone from the Unused as well!!!!

    So Now I can't even throw them Both on a New Hero!!! I've sent in Multiple Tickets and no one is Responding to Any of them....

    My Husband and I both spend Real Money on this Game, my BR is Seriously Gimped because of this, if it's not fixed soon we Both Quit!

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    u did inherit that element somewhere else...note that on inherit the element try looking better it aint magically dissapearing


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      I did Not Inherit at anytime! And Why was it only the Elemental that Got Moved and nothing Else Did...

      You can't Inherit just Elemental???


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        First of all, if you want to get a quick reply PLEASE STOP SENDING MULTIPLE TICKETS!!!!
        That wont speed up the process in any way. It will only cause delays.

        Whats your IGN and server? Also which hero is missing the elemental upgrades and when did this happen?
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