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Twilight clash was crashed!!

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  • Twilight clash was crashed!!

    Disappearing players in our twilight-can't see the other team members!!Other team magically appeared and disappeared while in play!!

    S62 Reef Heights

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    that's not just some disappearance, it's full of bug that your char is stuck somewhere but you were running around on your screen. It's been so long this bug is happening but just don't see it gets any better, yet it's getting worse.

    GM, just some advice / opinion of mine that I got from others too. I assure you that peoples will stop playing this game because of the bug that's been happening for long yet nothing seems to get better and you guys just keeps on making new server one over another. What's the points of having lot's server but no one's playing it ?

    People's willing to spend bucks to have fun, not some bugs that's never fixed.
    IGN: Shivaa
    Server: S90 - Deathshade Lair