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    I move myself to an attack spot (Nyssa is my angel). When I go to attack, I am in Agility spot and it doesn't change. It did it 3 times in Clash of Might and I just tried to compare with friends cuz I noticed it wouldn't change and eternal spire. I am forever stuck in agility, no matter where i move my main!
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    Here is me in the front row
    Click image for larger version

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    And suddenly I am teleported to the back row?
    Click image for larger version

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    Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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      Yup, just noticed the same while fighting in CoM, no matter where u change spot, places in fight are always the same.


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        same here. s182 snakemoors fen, jezus day by day im getting more amazed by the incomming bugs


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          Also in TA when you change your angel it doesn't really change your angel until you leave the room and re-enter. (it looks like the angel changed, but when going into battle it changes back to the one you used before and stays that way until you finish your TA run and leave the room)

          ...aaaaand yep I now have the same bug.

          EDIT: Skill setting is bugged too. Even after switching to another skill it uses the skill set before it.

          This is gonna hinder our ability to do PvP related stuff...especially if we moved a hero into a slot we don't really want it in. (I put CM into Crit slot to move me into ATK slot)

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            The same with skills of main hero
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              Same problem with the party layout. Changed the positions to try and beat next Zodiac boss, and no matter what I do the layout stays the same.

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                Same thing happened to me, all I did was remove all of my party and then moved my main and did a Compare to test and it had only my main in. Then I redid my party up and now works just fine. Dont forget to do Guardian Angels if you try this method.
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                  same here, and also u cant change skill, like the formation


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                    We are aware of this issue, kindly wait as we are confirming with devs

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