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Eternal Spire Party formation ignored

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  • Eternal Spire Party formation ignored


    I'd like to report a bug that occur in Eternal Spire.
    The problem is that the party formation i select to go with in Eternal Spire, manual options it's ignored.
    From the 2 screen shots you can see the party i've set and the party it's shown in the eternal spire. It's pretty much a problem since i`m losing chances to advance there.

    I need this to be solve and would be great if you'd do it asap. You're losing payers this way.
    I'm pretty much sick of the bugs !

    With gratitude,

    Server s90 - Deathsades lair
    Account : Trotineta
    Trotineta is the name
    LoA is the game
    S90-Deathsades Lair is my home
    I think my dog ate the bone

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    This happened after the last update just occuring. AFTER WORLD BOSS no one can change party, gears, mount, gems, etc and your BR went down by the way (in battle). You have NO Guardian Angel buffs.