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I can't find the server where my friends are playing.

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  • I can't find the server where my friends are playing.

    My friends are playing on Thalia and according to the game i can't see a sever like that. I try to enter the number manually and it tells me that no such server exists?

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    Thalia is server 212...but on GTArcade. Wrong site. =P

    If you and your friends get tired of GTArcade, you guys can always play on R2games. Sure, there are complaints about bugs and other problems in both sites, but the mods here try to be helpful. I have yet to encounter an active mod or GM on GTArcade.


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      GTarcade there are the rest of the servers that support League of Angels.
      Lord 'de la juNk'


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        Sorry for the noob question but what is GTarcade? They just asked me to join then in that game and i'm kinda confused.


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          GTArcade is the western developer for League of Angels--I suppose they do all the translation and adaptation to western markets.

          R2games (here), as well as various other websites, host this game in exchange for a licensing fee and/or a percentage of sales to GTArcade, I suppose. If you're not familiar with the concept, imagine if R2 bought a LOA franchise from GTArcade.

          Go to the GTArcade website; if you were able to find the server list on R2games, you should be able to find GTArcade's server list. Thalia should be S212.