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Nyssa--->>Aoede Inherit.

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  • Nyssa--->>Aoede Inherit.

    I was wondering if anyone has inherited Nyssa to Aoede yet and if so how many crystals and level of crystals did you need to get her to 70 again? Seeing as they are both max 70 I am under the impression it won't cost as much as Boa to Nyssa costed. But in any case I don't want to inherit until I have needed crystals if any are needed. In the inherit interface it puts Aoede at level 40 and 1 Angel Tear should take her to 50 am I right there?

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    30 lvl 4 and 90 lvl 5


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      Thanks for the reply. I think this is wrong on the devs part, they should change it because these 2 angels are the same level. That's the same cost as Boa to Nyssa and they are 10 levels apart.


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        And what about the level 8 star evolve?? There is no way I am waiting that long again for an 8 star main hence inherit.


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          It's my preference, but don't inherit at all, use Aoede as GA, and slow level/evolve Aoede.

          I now have 2 7star angels. (Nyssa and Boa)

          If you really wanna do that level it to the last 10 levels to max then inherit.
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            For me slow build always best... I dont build from 0 but inherit lower angels... Why sacrifice Nyssa if u have others plus losing levels as risk really not worth it
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              who can help me?
              Why can't I inherit Nyssa with Aoede? i do 1click and came to lvl 70, and not asked the latest evolution..... WHY?