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Is it a coincedence I get beaten a lot by players with lower BR?

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  • Is it a coincedence I get beaten a lot by players with lower BR?

    My BR is about 90k (main hero 46, rest 41, angel Lorelai lvl33). I try to do all the daily stuff and upgrade everything evenly, but I feel I'm somehow too weak for my BR.

    Is there stuff that I might be forgetting? Or is it just bad luck

    Thanks for the help.

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    perhaps rebirth and socked everything with +5+7


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      Can only be 2 reason for this to happen.
      1) You did not planned your character built and just do whatever that comes along. For example putting a Matk on your warrior.
      2) Those that kicked your azz are coiners
      3) This is just my feeling might not be true. The developers hate your guts and put a hex on your character so that even people with lesser BR can kick your azz.


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        ^ Hmm sounds more like #1
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          I'd have to say that your main characters BR is too low. In my honest opinion people with a strong main character and weaker heroes, having lower BR overall usually trump people with higher BR when it is more focused in heroes as opposed to their main character.
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            It's still too early to lose hope. My advice is to focus your resources on one thing at a time, e.g., upgrading your mount or one of your heroes, upgrading your gear or recruiting, cherub stones or seraph stones. And also, as much as possible, try not to miss a lot of events and try to get into a lot of rankings. Those little rewards will make you stronger in no time.


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              meh, the reason u lose..
              1.ur main hero is weaker than his main hero
              2.ur angel hits 2nd and his hits first
              if u are not a hard casher dont "upgrade everything evenly" cuz that is a sentence to death made by urself.You will say..oh but i dont have high br and i wont win...well high br means nothing in this game.Focus on your main hero/ angel and at most 1 or 2 heroes.
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              From what u can see here i concentred on main/angel +night sentinel only...
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                Thanks for all the suggestions. I definitely think I haven't focused enough on my main. Very helpful tips!


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                  What everybody is so kindly trying to say is that its because you are noob.