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Hey all with this stupid game with bugs

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  • Hey all with this stupid game with bugs

    I asked in general suport i will ask here how it is posible this?
    Why my oponent angel hit first when my br and agility is 1 k bigger than my oponent angel?
    And no answer me nobody and i think is fair to .. you all developers we spent money and time here to be in first placeces and
    nobody explain is happen here?

    Last edited by EdgeLOA; 07-03-2014, 05:00 AM.

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    I'd like to see you create a game with absolutely no bugs.


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      Video is not even viewable

      Happy Chinese New Year!


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        Explain me what you dont see?
        you dont see this?:my angel have 1 k br more than my oponent angel and a bigger agility
        look to my post again plz i will put some pitures and look to video becouse you dont need to see
        only my oponent angel have 134170 br and agility 36886 my angel have have 135169 agility 37196
        in fight my oponent angel up to 135132 br and my angel stay to same 135169 br but my oponent angel hit first
        WHY? becouse i used 10k aegis shard only yesterday to have a bigger br for hit first but your and this .. bugs not let meClick image for larger version

Name:	oponent.jpg
Views:	2
Size:	532.5 KB
ID:	1690228Click image for larger version

Name:	ursuletu.jpg
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Size:	565.8 KB
ID:	1690229
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          there is a 1k difference from 36.886 to 37.196?cool story brah


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            Originally posted by R235962306 View Post
            there is a 1k difference from 36.886 to 37.196?cool story brah
            you're blind? look at photos 134170 135169 or you dont know to calculate?
            i will make yhat for you 135169-134170=999 points


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              problem with agility of my Nyssa

              i have a problem with Agility of my Nyssa, a couple a days ago my Nyssa had 36400 like that and now she had 35568 to agility, Why is lower?

              to administrators - please check that problem. or explian the cause, please.



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                honestly im using glacia lvl 50 and my opponent nyssa lvl 70 and his angel attack first but never been a problem to me...and agi is not of major concern lol


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                  Post fight replays..
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                    Originally posted by EdgeLOA View Post
                    Post fight replays..
                    Sorry was privat now it is public my mistake sorry and i will wait answer
                    Last edited by ursuletu_c; 07-03-2014, 06:15 AM.


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                      Reported this issue to tech team.
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