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Rune reset on claw

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  • Rune reset on claw

    Server: S77

    Character: eternal Z

    Type: auto Rune reset

    I have upgraded my Berserkers claw's rune to Greaves rune upto Rank 3 Lvl 3+ twice and it gets reset to rank 0 lvl 1 automatically. this has happened twice already. I have already used up a lot of rune stone to upgrade and am loosing rune stones to this. I haven't noticed anyone else having this problem. Please fix this for me.

    Eternal Z
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    Last edited by zayir; 07-06-2014, 01:50 PM.

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    Did you inherit any hero to berserker?
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      Yes, but this was before I upgraded rune for the second time. I haven't done any inheriting recently.