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    For at least levels 1-9, 2-1, and 2-2, I've noticed that even though all enemies have a rage bar of 100 rage to use their skills, some of the enemies use their skills when they only have 25 or 50 rage, particularly the bigger taurens in 1-9, and the Abyssal Gaze Necromancers in 2-1 and 2-2. I haven't noticed this behavior in other levels, since 1-1 through 1-8 go too quickly, and I haven't beaten 2-2 yet because the necromancer uses it's abyssal gaze every other turn. I'd have battle logs, but already used all my attempts already.
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    All I can say is that I believe 1-9 is bugged . Using rage skills with 25 rage and 1 shooting my party ....
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      2-7 confirmed the "boss" starts with 50 rage, and casts ultimate every turn, his rage does not decrease and when attacked will continue to increase to 100

      He hits for 400k and lifesteals the amount he hits for,


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        all the bosses in 2-1 up to 2-7 are bugged i think 2-8 boss (zerker claw) rage works normally, he just hits a row for 1mil so it'll be a while till i get past there


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          will update 2moro when i clear through of the 2-7 battle. all these fights needs to be looked through, also the early ones how much agility do they have? i have 46k agility and in levels 1-4 and 1-5 i think it was the enemy acts before i do???


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            Update, 2-7 Please watch Dracula's Rage bar, Especially near the end of the battle, he sits at 150/100 rage. his skill cost no rage each turn.


            I don't think the combat log works -.-

            Edit: Drac's rage starts at 50, and he uses his ulti everyturn from round 1.

            2-8, Zerker claw, ulti proc'ing at 75 rage, is this intended?
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              Will ask the pro team to take look at this.
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