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Need Totem advice please

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  • Need Totem advice please

    This new Totem feature is somewhat confusing, any help would be appreciated

    The Set screen has me baffled.

    There are 5 slots on this screen. The middle slot is the Totem that will show up in Battle.

    there are 4 other slots, 2 on each side. A single totem can be placed in each. These totems do not show up in battle and I'm confused as to what they actually do.

    Do they boost the attributes of a single character? If so, which one? I've got 5 characters, three in the back and two in the front... if a totem in a side slot boosts the attributes of a single character, how do I know which characters gets boosted by which totem slot?

    Or, do the totems placed in the side slots on the Set screen, boost the attributes of ALL characters? Or does it boost the attribute of the Main Center battle totem?

    Lastly, is it better to have multiple totems, or, just merge them all into the main center totem to make it more powerful?

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    they boost the attributes of ur whole party


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      thank you -

      then what do the terms "formation - top, middle and bottom" mean? I click on that but nothing seems to change. I have no idea what that means, or what it does.


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        it is the place where the main totem will deploy . there are 3 total rows(top mid and bottom) considering it buffs just 1 row u might want to change his position . u can also change totem position from party interface


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          thank you. I see that now. Thanks for the info.