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Guild Boss Problem

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  • Guild Boss Problem

    Server: S168 Felbrook

    Name: Granger

    Guild: Leaders


    On third try at guild boss, I see the Guild Boss room then I get the pop up saying my daily limits are maxed out. After only doing 2 guild bosses. The others in my guild tell me that I am in the party, only I can't get in.

    Bug happened just after a round in Cross Server followed imediatly by a guild feast.

    No screen shot as it happens too fast for me to get one (tried 5 times already)

    Thanks for looking into it.
    Server S168 Felbrook

    IGN: Granger

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    This is hard to look into, lets hope its just a one time issue, if you do face this bug again try get a screenshot.
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      Thanks, I saw the guild boss room, but only for about .2 of a second, I use screen o matic for other things, (video screen capture) if it happens again I can do that. I don't think a screen shot would be any good as a simple screenie, would either be in the guild boss, or out of it.
      Server S168 Felbrook

      IGN: Granger