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problem with superior gem chest

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  • problem with superior gem chest

    Server: S151
    Character: Haki

    Type: superior gem chest

    Details: I don't know since when, I just relize it yesterday when I open 2 superior gem chest at once, it give me 1 crit gem and 1 HP gem. And it still happen today when I open more than 1 superior gem chest, it give common gem too. Is this a change or bug?

    I'll screenshot after collect enough superior gem chest again.

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    There is no problem with it. The superior gem chest contains a random lvl 7 or whatever lvl gem. That includes crit/dodge/block etc. and the common gems. The common gem chests just include the common gems which list it on the description that its only the common types you get. Superior gem chests have always had the chance to open to common gems.


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      I see, thanks