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gift option in shop.....update

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  • gift option in shop.....update

    just noticed that items avaliable in the shop has a gift option next to it but when you click on it, it says please wait for next update....when is the update for it going to happen? as its my 'husbands' bday and also our guild leaders bday tomorrow and it would be nice to be able to send them a gift but unless update is going to happen before end of tomorrow i wont be able to send them a gift


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    We have no information regarding this right now.
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      Originally posted by R244375573
      Gifting will never happen. It will be abused.

      PLEASE search threads on GIFT, TRADE, etc before you post

      this is an option the developers have added to the shop itself and its things you have to buy with diamonds so you cant abuse it without having to pay for things why would you gift an alt with diamond stuff when you can just get the alt to buy it themselves

      the gifting stuff from inventory wont happen for the reason your suggesting but thats not what i said in the beginning i said the option that is showing in the shop for gifting but when you click on it it says wait for next update