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Dragon Souls - Reversed Level up?

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  • Dragon Souls - Reversed Level up?


    I'm not sure if its me because I haven't noticed it before and i got 2 characters to +24 to unlock skills ... but has the way you merge dragon souls been reversed?

    I have a HP equiped dragon soul and I used to drag something else of the same element on to the HP one to level up the hp dragon soul.

    Today I have to drag the HP equiped one on to something else to level the HP. Pretty sure its not like this and I lost my first purple electro dragon soul :O 1500 hps .

    The text is also wrong, no matter which way you drag the soul the text between the 2 is also the same.


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    If its Orange it will always eat Purple, Purple to Blue and Blue to Green in that same way. If two are the same color whichever has the higher level will eat the other.
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      That rule is only true when both dragonsouls have the same quality and exp. Quality > Exp > Rule.

      Basically higher quality dragonsouls will drain lower quality dragonsouls no matter which way you drag it. Higher exp dragonsouls will drain lower exp and lower quality dragonsouls no matter which way you drag it. After all that, the rule stands

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        ok great thanks for clarifying. I will try it now!


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          Damn why there is no way to choose which one will be devoured (like totems example(( place one in middle and he will get all exp dont care about quality or exp or whatever)) ).
          Now i want switch some dragonsouls example Orange 6lvl HP to Orange 1lvl PDef, and no way i can trasfer that exp unless i upgrade 1lvl p def from begining to 6+lvl .. . It would be nice you could add something like totems upgrading to dragonsouls. ;/