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Twilight Clash

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  • Twilight Clash

    Twilight Clash
    Not sure if any other server has any of these issues, but on S123, during tonight's Twilight Clash event, we had some major bugs going on:
    1. Two opponent players were running in place, one at the top flag, one at the bottom flag. The one running in place at the bottom was attacking me while I was trying to retrieve the flag at the top, yet I couldn't see him anywhere at all on my screen.
    2. None of the flags were displaying or moving correctly on the minimap, making it hard to actually tell where they were and whether or not they were still there or if they were all used up. For the majority of the match, the bottom flag was the only visible flag, and it was stationary at bottom-tier location, coloured blue. (My guild was red team.) Then, when there were only two flags remaining to capture, the bottom flag disappeared and only the top became visible, in top-tier's location, also blue.

    Addendum: Sorry! I posted a thread (the exact same minus this addendum) in General Support before noticing Bug Reports.

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    Twilight Clash Bug illegally utilized by a player on S5. Green from Legendkillers ran off the map with a flag, no one could reach him but he could attack and kill anyone anywhere on the map. He knew of this bug and utilized it for the purpose of running up his kills etc.... He ended up in 1st place for everything because of it. The map needs to be fixed where players can no longer leave the play area, and he should have his account banned for knowing and using this bug for his own gratification.