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Whats the cost for Hecate in HoC?

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  • Whats the cost for Hecate in HoC?

    im trying to plan out my spend for the next house of cards for hecate when you guys do have her again. i notice you guys dont use the red joker (L) anymore is that also taken off for hecate? please help me find the answer to that.

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    original price is $400 for the 40k points but it be more then that if you got competition. also it could be cheaper if save card lotto vouchers. every 100 cards is 5k points. if free player an you dont cashe you will need at least 800 cards with no competition to acuire the joker (L)x 2 you need if competion you will need 2x hoc events an make top 3 in consec ranks both times to get if you dont get 1st place. then all you need after that is the 1200 ruby souls. hope this helps


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      mainly i asked if they still use the joker (L) cards you didnt have to say anything else cause before on headless it also took the joker (L) now it doesnt.


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        hecate is not in HoC now.....and there is no Large jokers envolved on any of them this time


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          the problem is getting enough aces for hecate without cashing...master of poker won`t give enough...


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            I got a ton of Aces from Deluxe chest, not as lucky with the higher Mystery one. Once you have the cards you need I'd do Deluxe chests for Aces if you need them.
            Plus many of those Deluxe cards can be used for good Items like magical socketing rods,cherubs.
            S146 Galvine


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              i just wanna know if joker (L) is still in to play before it was on headless now its not