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after the merge

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  • after the merge

    I have notice a lot of issues since the merge of s66 and s70..... I am not getting my devotion bonuses.... My beach treasure points disappeared... and I am getting to the point the issues in this game are making it harder for me to want to continue playing LOA.... there are a few of my friends on this game that are getting just as upset about this issues.... It seems that LOA is more focused on finding more ways for us members to spend more and more money rather than fixing the issues at hand... We the people that play this game aren't all rich, and it is very hard to stay interested in this game when every time I turn around I am finding issues like the beach treasures.. the devotion issues.... Some players have complained about being kick from TA event even when the were the host.... When Blessing peoples angels they were only getting one blessing even when they used 30 angel tears... I hope LOA can fix these problems .... I really did enjoy playing this game but its getting harder to be interested when every time I turn around there are more issues then being fixed.... Thanks a lot for your time I hope LOA will take the time to solve these problems.....

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    server 52 and server 59 merger has had similar problems as well. beach rewards, domination rewards from betting, disappearing items from the inventory such as angel tears. Also, 1st blood ranking was either not conveyed correctly on how it'd work or it wasn't reset in the manner it was meant from the previous explanation, if there was one on the subject, numerous players from the merger have tried for the 1st blood by blitzing and entering the before merger instances to win the 1st blood to not get it read as in the rankings.


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      fear not, you will compensated by mail or with everyone..... in time

      it's all failing faster than I can lower my standards