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tycoon cross server

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  • tycoon cross server

    this game fell suck,..why my gold n element dust not count ,..i get 40mil gold but just count 1k, n element dust im collect 200pcs, but still 0 ZERRRRROOOOOOOO

  • #2
    Where did you collect the rewards?

    Happy Chinese New Year!


    • #3
      normaly where game give him to retrive or collect have 2 option
      and now you gona say but you need to collect oh realy!
      and how he will know when hi only come in forum to report bugs of the game who inform him about collect not retrive 1 by 1?
      was any info in the game?
      sorry bro you like many didnt get points and now moderator will tell you how to after you spend all mails have fun in life


      • #4
        OMG,..u realy "M" ..why u asking like a baby boy,..did u play this game ??
        do u thing im collected/retrived from "FRAM VILLEY",...ha ha ha,


        • #5
          im retrive from mail, inferno reward , wyrm reward , gold reward world boss, now not counting for tycoon ??


          • #6
            works fine, just use the collect button