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  • Vip membership monthly

    My VIP subscribe and 1 time vip is telling me its time to renew?
    I only had subsciption for 1 week they supposed to last a month not weekly

    Fix asap

    Server: 201
    Name: BowJob

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    VIP is purchaseable through a monthly auto renewing subscription, or through purchasing VIP tokens which last a week (but are only available for a limited time, from the hot events).

    Is it possible you purchased the tokens and not the auto renew?

    Have you submitted a ticket about this? If my first question is not relevant and you haven't submitted a ticket: please do so. Then post the ticket number here and a mod will chase someone about it.
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      Where do I do a ticket at and no I did the subscription first then the other, charged 185.00


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        Order History
        VIP State

        Game Server Character Next Billing Date
        League of Angels [S201] Valley of Omens 2014-08-11 23:40:50 Cancel


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          TheGuardingDark's reply applies to Wartune, where you originally posted the thread. Let me move this thread over to the League of Angels section for you.
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            under account it shows im paying for the monthly, but in game its after 9 days its telling me to renew and has removed my privilages


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              Originally posted by R26917383 View Post
              Where do I do a ticket at and no I did the subscription first then the other, charged 185.00
              You can file a ticket by clicking on my signature or go to

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                Ty someone reading my post must have corrected it, everything is fine now...ty for all the replies in this matter.