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why server keep lost connection?

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  • why server keep lost connection?

    S184 [System] Lost connection to server! !!

    its been twice for today..its not just me.. all had this problems.
    and i hate to say...i just waste my TD bcose of this problems.

    maybe some explanation could keep us cool for a while.
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    I think AE86 can help you he told me to set my setting to 8888 and 8844. I still lost connection once in a while but not as bad as last time seems some computers like mine are set to auto detect and there was no setting but after I did the setting the lost connection reduce quite abit. A warning thou seems after the setting I can't access to some porn sites and have to set back to my auto setting


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      Happy Chinese New Year!


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        This sometimes happens to me when the computer is put to sleep, probably because when the lid of the laptop is closed and the computer goes to sleep the computer loses connection due to the computer turning off.
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          thanks mod for fast answer..

          well those dns i've been used since crystal saga.

          so i dont think its problems with dns. cause i'll already change the dns in that place also in the modem.

          seems like its okey rite more DC.