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Totem bug

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  • Totem bug

    This is also a possible bug ...look at the attributes.... during non battle mode my totem attack is 1190, but on battle mode it goes down to 900 and some attributes are mixed up ...
    GM's explain more on this please? thanks
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    A GM doesn't have to explain this as it's all written on the picture you just didn't read it.
    On your picture you have opened the tab "Set Totems". A set is a collection of something, in this case of totems. You have 5 totems in this collection (haven't you wondered why you have to put more than 1 totem there?) and on the bottom right side of the picture is written that only the main totem's skill can be used in battle which should lead to the conclusion that the other totems are used for something. In this case it's extra stats... as soon as you put a totem in the set your BR increases as well as the stats shown on the right side of your picture.

    In less words, the stats are what you get from all 5 totems in a set, but since only the main totem can be used in battle you see just the stats of that one.
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    <--- 700k+ BR Claw

    everyone knows there was a problem with claws not working how he should've, yet you seem to cry about which to me seems like you cant kill people you used to be able to.