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explan it to me

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  • explan it to me

    please explan to me how someone 5 levels lower than me with 90k to 100k less br all hero a lower level and angel lower level with 3 less stars can beat me whats the point of having a br if it pretty much pointless and how can someone in one day collect all red heros and get them level up to level 68 in one day i have been on the game sence Janruary and still haven't gotten enough ruby hero stones to get one yes i buy diamonds but this makes no since considering how much it would cost in diamonds get enough for 1 but 4 and the time scrolls you would have to buy to get them leveled up something is up and then there are the people who again are lower in everything who doesn't take any damage how does that happen

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    Explain this to me:

    Do you know "comma" and "periods"?


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      This game is not all about battle rating. There are also many false battle rating. for ex. building def on dps heroes. It also depends on your strategy and formation. It's really hard to say without the stats or battle report. As ruby heroes, it's actually fairly easy to get them since you started playing since January then you should get enough gold for rubies once every 2 weeks. I've seen players save all their gold and get rubies in one day with all their saved up gold and by using timescrolls and the 250 diamond training they can easily level their heroes to their desired level. As for not taking damage, there are various 'shields' within the game like aquarius or leo or courage, again hard to say without proper stats or battle report

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        Battle rating does appear to be variable. I can beat some people above my BR and I get beaten by some people with a lower BR.

        One thing I'm seeing now is this Claw technique... where people inherit multiple characters all to Claw, making Claw extremely powerful... and then other deployed characters with next to nothing.

        Overall the teams BR goes way down but they can be very tough to beat in Clash of Might, even with a team BR much higher.


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          Well, Hecate + main combo can beat players twice the BR they have.... given that, you should already know that BR is overrated.