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dragonsoul question

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  • dragonsoul question

    I recently got Valkyrie and inherited her from Nether Knight.

    Even tho Netherknight had all ice and electro dragonsouls, for some reason, Valkyrie defaulted to Fire and Wind (red letters upper left panel)

    so now I have zero points in Valkyries element.

    Is there anyway to change Valkyries element to Ice and Electro, or, should I pull all the ice and electro dragonsouls out, give them to some other character, and just start over with Fire and Wind for Valkyrie?

    any advice would be appreciated.

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    I think you get it wrong. It's Night Sentinel which is Ice Electro, not Nether Knight. Nether Knight like Valkyrie use Fire and Wind DS


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      OK, so I see what I did. I loaded up Nether Knight with the wrong dragonsouls to begin with! then just carried the wrong ones over to Valkyrie.