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How Do You Use Free 3-Day VIP?

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  • How Do You Use Free 3-Day VIP?

    I would like to know how to use the free 3-Day VIP for LOA that was given out for compensation a while back? It says it can be used to extend your VIP. I am a VIP 7 and my VIP renews at the beginning of the month, usually the 2nd or 3rd. When I tried to use the free VIP it says you are already a VIP. I had to cancel my bank card this morning due to fraud, which now has to be investigated. I won't have an answer until Monday when a new card will be issued, which takes 5 business days to receive and I do not want to lose my VIP 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated...Thank you, Goddess Eir

    S3 Prospera's Bounty
    IGN: Goddess Eir
    lvl: 72
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    It has to be used before initiating a normal VIP


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      This was given out for compensation for issues with VIP renewal and when you hover over the ticket it says can be used to extend VIP! I really need a reply from someone that knows what they are talking about, but thank you for trying.


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        you cant use it if you have a vip active, so you would have to wait till your vip runs out and then use it. you wont lose your vip 7, it will continue at the same level as you were when you activate a vip if it expires or cancels.


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          Thank you very much gemmi, much appreciated....Goddess Eir