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Can't enter cross server

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  • Can't enter cross server

    Hello team,

    2nd Day in a row that i can't seem to enter xs. I que but it times out all the time. Can you please help me out?
    Thanks in advance. Noeka, server 202 Warlord's Haven

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    I use to play on Gtar platform, but there was no support, lots of bugs, no mods and no chance in getting some free diamonds. Friends adviced me to come and play R2 platform, for the support and everything else was so much better ..... is it??? I left my char with wings and costume and a nice mount etc to come over here, to enjoy support when I need it.
    I still can't join cross server. I am vip player and want to enjoy all thats available to my lvl. I que and than nothing. It's getting boring. I was hoping things would be better on this platform but it seems help is hard to get in LoA nomatter what platform you play. My post wasnt even picked up Very much like Gtar.
    In another post about this issue they suggest its maybe lack of ppl same lvl, thats a joke for allocation sucks. My friend lvl 47 was in xs with a lvl 73 with over a mil BR ??? wth? So pls help me out here check if something is wrong pls. It's obvious i really love to play this game. I would like to keep playing, but it's up to you guys now if i do. Thanks.