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Team Tournament - Preluminary reward bug?

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  • Team Tournament - Preluminary reward bug?

    Anyone else experianced this issue, that if you do not click your reward it actually says you did, but you didnt recieved the listed item?
    (200 voucher, 50* gold / warsoul packs, 50 warriors mark, and 6 gem chest).

    cause im 110% sure i havnt clicked it, and now it says "already collected" even thou i havnt.
    my Cross-server shop shows 3 warrior marks at this time ( should be 53 since i havnt spend any since the event started).

    I totally forgot about that reward, until a guildie reminded me off it, so went to check and it said i had already collected it (no mail arrived with it either).

    Click image for larger version

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    Think they mail it at reset. Check your mails.
    Guild : Razor
    UB17( S115 Hope Abandoned )


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      ahhh found it, had deleted a few mails so it accedently just put the box in my inventory (and thats clustered like hell cause of all the stuff we still cant sell (like a bunch of domi flairs etc.)