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Zodiac 1--click blitz bug/ Database Error

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  • Zodiac 1--click blitz bug/ Database Error

    Tried to use 1-click blitz for zodiac today. Now it shows "Database Error" and I can't complete the blitz or do loops . And yeah I've tried refreshing and clearing internet history. Expecting an answer quickly.

    IGN: salz
    Server: S115 Hope Abandoned

    Post your IGN ,server and screenshot in this thread, we will pass the info to devs and get it fixed manually. - EdgeLOA
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    Guild : Razor
    UB17( S115 Hope Abandoned )

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    Originally posted by yeahng
    s146 forth blackreach i did click clear CD, cancel blitzing but it doesnt work after refresh data base error still occured pls help need to lvl up
    I need your IGN

    Happy Chinese New Year!


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      s146 forth blackreach char name yeahng thanks before been 2 days already


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        me too..same problem..database error..cant do dungeon blitz coz of the zodiac blitz issue. 2nd day today

        Server: S107 Trail of Vines
        Character: Macros

        Type: Zodiac Blitz

        Details: I cant do dungeon blitz/loop blitz because it says database error in my zodiac blitz. i have tried refreshing, clearing cache, clicking clear cd but still says database error.

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          same problem 4rd day and no change
          server: s180 labyrinth of dreams
          type: zodiac blitz
          details: cannot blitz database error
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            same with me us G.M

            IGN : Keke

            Server : S180 Labyrinth Of Dreams

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              Dear Admin

              I have a data base error which making me unable to do any blitz for daily loop quest and zodiac. Please help me asap, since I haven't done anything since reset.

              IDN: Shivaa
              Server: S90 - Deathshade Lair
              Job: Mage

              Thank in advanced.
              IGN: Shivaa
              Server: S90 - Deathshade Lair


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                IGN: warwarwar

                Server: S25- Youth's Harvest

                Char: Mage


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                  i have same issues like this i try to cancel blitz at zodiac but it doesnt work its says database error it started yesterday.. my vip status is useless when i cannot do blitzing it
                  affects also loop quest same problem at zodiac.. hope u find time to fix it.. need it much at Tycoon event..

                  IGN: Wil I Am
                  Server 40 Final Rapture


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                    Whats your IGN and server?
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                      same here . . . no zodiac / no quest wew in ( 3 days) . . please help! ! !

                      IGN : MofCriCk
                      Server : s14 Alecta triumph


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                        Tech's are still working on this.
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                          zodiac blitz bug

                          Server: s206
                          Character: ardianata


                          Details: blitz wont work,and database keep getting error

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                            Still have a same problem server S79, ign: Ramirez


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                              Zodiac 1 Click Bug Database Error Plz Fix ASAP

                              Cant do loop after reset plz fix this ASAP !!!!!

                              IGN : Deft
                              Class : Mage
                              Level :75
                              Server : 89 Woodway Heights

                              And This Scren Shot