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Hero rage bugged

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  • Hero rage bugged

    Hello sir, i want to tell you that i see some weird with my Hero RAGE. Beore the update in 31/07/2014 my Hero RAGE was normally. Now i think there something wrong with RAGE sistem. Example, when my RAGE point is 150 and My Hero use skill with 100 point rage, the remaining RAGE should be 50 point but became 0 point. Is it true that a new system like this? I hope your response as soon as possible.THX^_^

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    try to read other threads 1st or try to search for similar threads before opening your own. there are atleast 3 threads of this nature, here are 2 !!!
    -Infinite-Rage-Build-BUGGED-!!! -Earthshaker-Rage-Bug
    Server : S41 Wyrm's Gorge
    IGN : 13th
    Class : Paladin