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  • WB bugs

    Server: S118
    Name: Aiune
    Bug: World boss attack bug

    When you hit the world boss, just as it gets killed, you usually get the message stating that the world boss has been killed and get sent back to respawn area, so you must attack again (and most likely get error and sent back again).

    Good that you have fixed that bug, but now you have a more severe bug. When you attack the world boss just as it gets killed, you get sent back to respawn area, WITH A ******* RESPAWN TIMER AND YOU GOT NO HIT IN! That means you lost atleast 1! hit on world boss that dies (usually) in 3-4 hits (from everyone in the server).

    Also, usually when you get that ******* bug, and you can finally attack again, the world boss dies as you attack, and you get sent back to respawn, with a respawn timer.

    FIX THIS ******* BUG