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    How is it possible that in cross server the player BAD1 from ServerClio (S215) would not die not even once, though players with 1 mil br attacked him?????? Was he cheating or what? Where should i report him cuz i got really ****** because of this!!! BTW, his BR is 495 k! LOL
    Last edited by CafeAuLait; 08-05-2014, 05:08 AM.

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    heca + main
    dont accuse people of cheating without looking at their party first.
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      and dodge must be high as well


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        probably hecate, ive seen some 500k BR player has it and cant easily defeated.
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          I looked at his Party and was it was a bit surprising.

          He only uses healing totem (lvl 18) his main Hero as Tank ( 850k hp, nearly 200k ATK, 100k def, 10.7k dodge) and Djinni (47k MATK) + Angel
          His Aegis is aquarius


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            Starters, I changed your thread title. Then you mention a player from a server that isn't ours. Then you get answered by everyone who is telling you exactly how you got beat and why. This player is not a cheater.
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