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Regarding Diamonds not showing up after Purchase

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  • Regarding Diamonds not showing up after Purchase

    Hello there. Its my first time in a game like this with this problem so please do not get mad, if the solution is obvious. So I have been playing on the server 204 The Floating city, and made multiple purchases using the recharge button at the bottom of the screen and paypal to get diamonds and Vip. so now the wheel of luck event is going on and so after receiving enough for dragonblood drapes, I thought to get 550 to get wings. And when I used the same method I thought to make changes to my paypal, and to use my debit visa card instead of credit card. I bought the diamonds, my bank said balance has been reduced. But I did not receive any diamonds. I am still sitting on 43 diamonds as before. And I need those diamonds to reach 550 points in wheel of luck. since our server being new we have less competition(for anyone wondering).

    Now my questions are these:
    1: How long will it take before I can see the transaction happen and see my diamonds?
    2:If I do not receive the diamonds how will I be compensated because I spent thousands of diamonds getting to rank 2(image is at the link( and I want those diamonds to pay for my golden wings. or be compensated with it.

    Now before you all get mad I am new, I have never played this game before but so far I am loving it. so please I hope my problem is solved as soon as possible, since the event is ending August 6 at 23:59.

    I really hope to hear from you soon.

    P.S I have already made a ticket regarding this issue - 147358 is the ticket number

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    same question here.. how long i will recieve my diamonds after purchase.. i purchase it today.. server time 3:00.


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      with me exactly no diamonds get charged at 3:00


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        Forwarded your ticket to billing team.
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