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My angel Alecta gone and now cant open angel shortcut

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  • My angel Alecta gone and now cant open angel shortcut

    I'm Syifa from server 205 ivory plain , I have same issue too, my angel alecta has been dissapear, has bee level 44 and celestial, please GM process this issue, cause I'm use a lot of diamond for buy seraph stone, angel tears, for upgrade my alecta and now i cant open angel shortcut.
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    Your angel alecta was removed cause you were not supposed to receive her, its been removed from all your team members. As for the angel panel issue its been reported.You should have reported this when you noticed that you had team tournament and there were no cross server teams.
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      ok,but why im not get compensation, I f I not supposed to get it, so what I supposed to get, I has been use 4K diamond for that, for made level 44 and celestial , then I lost 50K BR, COM than arena , and I just have low level angel now, this not fair


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        You get to keep the level 8 fusion gem, lvl 7 cherub, 300 blessed stone,200 gold and warsoul packs, 300 seraph stone, 1000 vouchers and 1000 royal marks.... That costs a lost.
        Should probably get all these removed and as it costs more than 20k diamonds
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